12 Weeks of Summer Series - Week 2


Field Trip: Find an Air & Space Museum near you
Try Something New: Explore NASA Kid’s website and find video clips of launches
Library: Space and constellations
Crafts: Solar system from construction paper balls, alien masks, frozen juice container planetarium – poke holes at the top of constellations and put a flashlight at the opening
Kids Cook: Flying Saucers Sandwiches (Pitas)
Rainy Day Fun: Make constellation poster with glow in the dark puff paint
Outdoor: Explore gravity by dropping different things of size and weight from different heights Movie: Treasure Planet
Craft Challenge: Build a spaceship or space station out of boxes
Weekly Challenge: Collect the most space rocks (space rocks must be painted or decorated to look like they are from space)
Additional Fun: Let the kids stay up late (after dark) and look for constellations.


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