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12 Weeks of Summer Series - Week 5

Winter in July

Field Trip: Find an ice cream factory to tour or just go out for ice cream
Try Something New: Make Ice Cream in Ziplock bags - put ingredients in a quart size freezer bag and seal. Then put the quart size bag in a gallon bag with ice and rock salt. Flip the bag by taking the bottom corners rotating the bag forward. In about 10 mins or so you'll have soft serve ice cream. Make sure the kids don't get to carried away cause the bags will break and ruin the ice cream (won't set and tastes like salt).
Library: Discover how animals survive in the cold
Crafts: marshmallow igloo, ice castle (fill sand castle things ½ full w/water and freeze), snow globe (baby food jar and glue stuff to inside lid)
Kids Cook: Snow cones
Rainy Day Fun: Make Ice Eggs (freeze water balloons filled w/water and a drop of food coloring – small ones freeze faster)
Outdoor: Melt Down Experiment
Movie: Ice Age
Craft Challenge: make a snowman with whatever you can find around the house
Weekly Chall…

12 Weeks of Summer Series - Week 4


Field Trip: Local garden with tropical plants
Try Something New: Take a pool noodle and lay it on the floor, then take a small board and lay it on top of the noodle. Try to balance on the board as if you are surfing. This is best done outside so you don't knock down things or hurt yourself.
Library: Photo books of Hawaii
Crafts: paper lei, decorate flip flops, sand art, sea shell picture frame
Kids Cook: smoothies bar (cut fruit up and let them make their own smoothies)
Rainy Day Fun: Make up a hula dance routine
Outdoor: Limbo
Movie: Lilo & Stitch
Craft Challenge: Make a volcano (do baking soda/vinegar when done)
Weekly Challenge: Hula Hoop Contest
Additional Info: Lesson from my daughter – Don’t stick your head above volcano as it “erupts” because it puts out CO2 which makes it hard for you to breath

12 Weeks of Summer Series - Week 3


Field Trip: Maritime Museum
Try Something New: Talk like a pirate ye scallywags arrggg…
Library: Pirate and sailing books
Crafts: decorate treasure chest, newspaper sailor hats, make a treasure map of backyard
Kids Cook: sunkin’ treasure jello (blue jello with gold fish and other goodies at the bottom)
Rainy Day Fun: Learn various knots
Outdoor: Treasure hunt
Movie: Peter Pan
Craft Challenge: Make a sailboat from a block of balsa wood and a dowel rod (balsa wood can be shaped with a potato peeler)
Weekly Challenge: create a pirate look (costume) of your own using old clothes
Additional Info: Learn knots at

12 Weeks of Summer Series - Week 2


Field Trip: Find an Air & Space Museum near you
Try Something New: Explore NASA Kid’s website and find video clips of launches
Library: Space and constellations
Crafts: Solar system from construction paper balls, alien masks, frozen juice container planetarium – poke holes at the top of constellations and put a flashlight at the opening
Kids Cook: Flying Saucers Sandwiches (Pitas)
Rainy Day Fun: Make constellation poster with glow in the dark puff paint
Outdoor: Explore gravity by dropping different things of size and weight from different heights Movie: Treasure Planet
Craft Challenge: Build a spaceship or space station out of boxes
Weekly Challenge: Collect the most space rocks (space rocks must be painted or decorated to look like they are from space)
Additional Fun: Let the kids stay up late (after dark) and look for constellations.

12 Weeks of Summer Series - Week 1


Field Trip: Mexican Grocer or Restaurant
Try Something New: Mexican Hat Dance
Library: Learn Spanish or Cultural Books
Crafts: tissue paper flowers, TP roll maracas, weave placemats from construction paper strips
Kids Cook: Make your own quesadilla
Rainy Day Fun: Label Spanish name from things around the house
Outdoor: Pretend to be a bull fighter
Movie: Learn Spanish videos
Craft : Make a piƱata
Weekly Challenge: Who can count the highest in Spanish
Additional Notes: Learn Spanish Post-It notes can be found at Wal-Mart near the flash cards and grade level workbooks

Cub Scout Bears Family Camp

I know it has been awhile since I've posted anything, but I have had a very challenging semester in college. Anyways, I'm preparing for a family camp out with our Bears den. I thought I'd share some ideas on what we planned on doing.

Soap/Wood Carvings - Since the boys have earned their whittling chits we are giving them some soap and blocks of wood to carve throughout the camp-out. This way in between events they don't get bored.

Make Trail Mix - This is a favorite with our den. Just gather a bunch of stuff for the boys to make their own trail mix. I put the ingredients in ziplock bags and I have plastic measuring cups in the bags. I have 1 cup for cereals, 1/2 cup for dried fruits, 1/3 cup for nuts, and 1/4 cup for sweets. They can mix whatever cereals they want so long as it is in this ratio (or whatever ratio you prefer).

Craft - Since we are camping on Cinco de Mayo we are gluing tissue paper on pinatas. The boys can bust them open before they leave camp S…