Race Car Frisbee Game

March is Pinewood Derby month for our area cub scouts. Somehow I've gotten suckered into being the Cubmaster, so I came up with a cute game we did at the end of our pack meeting. I took two boxes and made them look like cars, you may need some imagination for this. The game is simple, each boy gets two tire frisbees, paper plates skillfully colored by my daughter, and try to get one in the car.
I just took a cardboard box and covered it with wrapping paper, I had two cars to accommodate our large group. I cut a pool noodle in half and holes through the box to thread the noodles through. Then I simply added paper plates with holes in the center for tires. I went the extra mile to hold the plate tires on with screws, but this took a lot of time and I'd probably skip it if I were to do it again. I took 2 more plates colored similiarlly and used them as frisbees. The kids had a great time trying to get the tire frisbees in the cars.


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