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New Years Savings Plan

I'm not the type to make New Years Resolutions, I think when you want to make a change in your life you should do it now instead of wait for the New Year. So many times I hear, my diet starts Monday so I need to pig out now while I can.
Well this year is a little different, I want to start investing in stocks. The timing of when I can invest just happens to fall on the New Year. My husband gets almost a $75 raise in cost of living, so I'm taking all $75 and investing it. I've always been nervous about stocks, I feel like it is gambling. I tend to be a lucky person, but I hate pushing my luck. Anyways, I finally opened an account and today is the first day I officially invested. By the end of the day I have $75.13. I'm excited about my 13 cents. I know it is petty, but it is exciting to me!