Removing Oil from Hair

My daughter always has dry skin. So when she got a batch of really dry skin I usually have her take an oil bath, and it clears right up. Well this whole scenario happened this weekend, only I was so rushed I forgot to tell her "Don't Wash Your Hair" Thinking she would know from prior oil baths I didn't think much of it. Oh was I wrong. Her hair looked permanently wet. Well I came up with a solution (literally) to get oil out of hair.

Dawn dish soap - to repel the grease
Oatmeal (ground in food processor) - to suck up the oil
Rubbing Alcohol - to dry out the hair

I washed her hair in the kitchen sink with the spray. I put a towel underneath her and I rolled up paper towel for her to put on her face (to avoid getting that concoction in her eyes). It worked rather well. There is some slick spots left, but the overall look is normal.


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