Cub Scout Campout

This weekend we went camping with the cub scouts. Everyone seemed to have had a great time. Our den is the Bears den, and I thought I'd share the activities we did.

Set up an old tent and take it down, this was great, the boys really did a great job.

Make trail bags and filled them with hiking essentials:
first aid kit (bandages)
flashlights (found them for a quarter each)
trail mix (our den loves making their own trail mix)

The pack had some planned activities. They did the rain-gutter regatta, which was fun. One of our boys won most realistic boat. They also did a craft where they made a vest.

We went back to our dens and Ray took them out with the GPS and went geocaching. Ray hid smores stuff for them to find.

They came up with a skit all on their own, which was really cool. The boys hid behind a tree and the siblings (two girls about 5) with myself said "Oh what a wonderful evening for camping" the boys growled. "Oh what is that noise? Oh well it is still loving evening" boys growled again. "Oh dear" the boys growled and come out running "OH NO Its the Bears!".

The boys also got to go fishing, look at stars, and they dug a big hole (which wasn't exactly great). But the boys had a great time.


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