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Cub Scout Campout

This weekend we went camping with the cub scouts. Everyone seemed to have had a great time. Our den is the Bears den, and I thought I'd share the activities we did.

Set up an old tent and take it down, this was great, the boys really did a great job.

Make trail bags and filled them with hiking essentials:
first aid kit (bandages)
flashlights (found them for a quarter each)
trail mix (our den loves making their own trail mix)

The pack had some planned activities. They did the rain-gutter regatta, which was fun. One of our boys won most realistic boat. They also did a craft where they made a vest.

We went back to our dens and Ray took them out with the GPS and went geocaching. Ray hid smores stuff for them to find.

They came up with a skit all on their own, which was really cool. The boys hid behind a tree and the siblings (two girls about 5) with myself said "Oh what a wonderful evening for camping" the boys growled. "Oh what is that noise? Oh well it is s…


Ok I didn't get far on my clothes challenge. I got a couple of dresses and a few outfits, but nothing like I'd hoped for. I am however doing great in school. I have a B average, which I'm happy with.
We have started our 12 month count down to moving again. This time to Georgia. Hopefully we will be able to buy a house there. My nephew celebrated his first birthday, which is such a miracle because he was born so premature (25 weeks). That just amazes us that he made it to a year old! I haven't had much time for crafts, so there isn't much more to post. I'm planning our Halloween party now for Neil. More details to come on that.

Craft Challenge has a monthly craft challenge. This month's theme is Bears, Robots, and Zombies. Everyone makes something in one of those categories and votes. I did a robot, whom I've named Chalky the Craft Bot. He is made from chalkboard fabric and sparkly vinyl. I think it turned out well, but as always others have come up with better crafts. In the end everyone votes on which they think is the best.