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A little luck

I got a really cute outfit for my birthday. This would be my bit of luck trying to get together a new waredrobe. So far it hasn't been very good because I can't find a good thrift store. Most of the local ones want $4 per article. I'm going to search for more this Friday. Anyways, here is my new outfit

Challenge Week #1

Well week one doesn't look so good on my challenge. I have already spent half my budget, but only have a couple of the items.

I made a blue paisley print dress that looks awesome on me.

I bought a the rest of the items at the thrift store that just need a slight tweaking. I got a pair of green pants, a pretty brown dress, three shirts, and three yards of green floral fabric.

So I have 7 of 22 items from my list, and only $25 left. It doesn't look good.

My husband is out of town with the camera, so when he gets back I'll post pictures of my great finds.

The Challenge

Going back to school with a bunch of kids I really am self conscious about my wardrobe. Not having a lot of money, esp. since buying my books, I've got a plan to get what I want for my budget. The budget....$50! Sounds unreasonable, but I have a couple of things on my side:
1. I'm lucky
2. I'm very frugal
3. I have no problem shopping second hand
4. I can sew
5. I can knit
6. I have an amazing talent to make the unreasonable happen

Ok that being said, I'll let you in on my technique. I've drawn up a complete wardrobe. Most taken from ideas in catalogs, so these are what I'd get if I had unlimited money. Then I online and printed up fabric swatches of what I think would work for the styles I picked out so that they'd all go together well. Now I need to evaluate the fabrics I have, and acquire new fabrics to make what I want. If I'm lucky I will be able to find whole articles similar to my sketches for cheap. My wardrobe will consist of:
9 shirts

Early Start

Now that the kids start school next week, it is time to think about Christmas shopping. I know, it is way to early for Christmas shopping. Let me tell you though, a lot of toys will be on sale right NOW in order to make room for the new season's toys. I always find it is better to get my kids something they've wanted for a long time than something they think looks cool on an ad.
As for family and friends, I've already started making my list. Unfortunately for you guys too many of them read this, so I can't share.
This week was my first week back at college. I think it went very well. I feel silly being so old, but everyone seems really nice. Even if the giggly clique behind me in history is annoying.