Too Much Fun

Ever had so much fun that it hurts. This weekend I think my daughter phrased it right when she said "Mommy, my everything hurts!" The weekend started with a friend of ours coming to town for the weekend. He temporarily works out of state, while his wife lives here. So, Friday night we went to their house and played darts, Foosball, and the timed basketball shoot thing. They did a barbecue, and it was just a grand time.
Saturday my husband had to work, however, the kids and I went to the beach with them. We spent about 6 hours at the beach, most of the time buggy boarding. That is why my arms and shoulders hurt, as if they didn't from the night before.
Yesterday was the perfect day for boating. Our friend had to go back, so we took another friend boating with us. The water was awesome, not to choppy but good for a few bounces. The kids took turns driving, the water was big and open, and the sailboats were beautiful as usual. We went over to see the lighthouse, and ended up seeing dolphins as well.

These are my last two weeks of summer before school starts for me, so I plan on having more fun this week.


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