My Sewing Room

Just got done reorganizing my sewing room. I also wanted to show off a dress that I recently made.

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Left side of the roomRight side of the room

And now for my dress
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Marian said…
Your career is being a stay-at-home Mom and creative homemaker. That's the best job in the whole world. My hat is off to you! Be proud of that! I never regretted staying at home with my kids and now we have so many happy memories to share (camping and sewing among them). Sounds like your interests are similar to mine. I taught sewing (from my home) most of my life and am now a grandmother who wants to share what she knows before she goes. Check out my website at and my sewing blog at for a lot of sewing projects you might enjoy. Check out my ebook on "Sew A Tee Pee and Accessories For Your Tribe of Kids" The kids will love it.
Good Luck with school and your family. God Bless.

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