Montessori vs. Public School

My husband and I had a meeting with the Montessori school. She spent an hour and a half being a sales lady for her school. Then when it came to talking about the price she put the ball in our court. She told us to come up with an amount we would be comfortable paying.
So with money no longer being the main concern, should we send her? She will only be there for a year.

My biggest concern is that with the Montessori teaching style is so different, will she have a hard time going back to public schools.

Learn Spanish for a year

Have a fun time learning

She will understand what she is learning and not just learning the anwsers

The teacher is very picky about her students, so there is no trouble makers (in therory)

She may have a friend in the class with her

She will learn to be more independant and think for herself (once again in theory)

She will learn cursive

It is only for a year, is it worth all the money for just one year

She already has friends in this public school

There could be a big problem transistioning back to public schools

We would have to dip into her college fund to help pay for it

My understanding is Montessori style works best from beginning to end, not just a year in the middle

Why change schools when you don't have to, sounds silly but my son has already been in 3 schools and he is going into second grade

Schedule conflicts with me going back to college

Will she really retain the spanish at such a young age


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