Great Oppurtunity

Yesterday was a very eventful day. It all started with taking my daugther to summer camp. She picked a spanish camp at a Montessori school. The school itself is bi-lingual, one teacher is fluent spanish and the other is fluent english. Well, when I went to pick up my daughter from camp yesterday the teacher was very excited I was early. I'm a little scared because my daughter has a tendency to say the most unapproapiate things at times. I really starting getting worried when she asked my son to go into the library room while we talked. My first words are "Is everything ok?" It did not help that she said "Yeah, I just want to talk to you about your daughter!" She went on to tell me that she thinks my daughter is very well suited for the Montessori school. I expected this, you send your kid to a private school for camp and they try and suck you into going to the school. I told her that there is no way we could afford it, esp. since I'm going to college this fall. She then offered me a partial scholorship for her to go. Now I'm not sure how partial this scholorship is, but I'm certainly going to find out. I think it would be neat to have her go to a biligual school.


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