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Montessori vs. Public School

My husband and I had a meeting with the Montessori school. She spent an hour and a half being a sales lady for her school. Then when it came to talking about the price she put the ball in our court. She told us to come up with an amount we would be comfortable paying.
So with money no longer being the main concern, should we send her? She will only be there for a year.

My biggest concern is that with the Montessori teaching style is so different, will she have a hard time going back to public schools.

Learn Spanish for a year

Have a fun time learning

She will understand what she is learning and not just learning the anwsers

The teacher is very picky about her students, so there is no trouble makers (in therory)

She may have a friend in the class with her

She will learn to be more independant and think for herself (once again in theory)

She will learn cursive

It is only for a year, is it worth all the money for just one year

She already has friends in this public scho…

Winners Circle

Last week everyone in our family won something. The YMCA had a family BINGO night, and Lexi and I won. Lexi won twice and got a basket of bath stuff and stickers. I won and got Lexi a kids purse because there wasn't any boy prizes. My husband got a call yesterday and got told he won some movie tickets. Finally my son won, well sort of. He got a Jr. Mints pillow out a "The Claw Machine" on his first try. He was so excited.

Great Oppurtunity

Yesterday was a very eventful day. It all started with taking my daugther to summer camp. She picked a spanish camp at a Montessori school. The school itself is bi-lingual, one teacher is fluent spanish and the other is fluent english. Well, when I went to pick up my daughter from camp yesterday the teacher was very excited I was early. I'm a little scared because my daughter has a tendency to say the most unapproapiate things at times. I really starting getting worried when she asked my son to go into the library room while we talked. My first words are "Is everything ok?" It did not help that she said "Yeah, I just want to talk to you about your daughter!" She went on to tell me that she thinks my daughter is very well suited for the Montessori school. I expected this, you send your kid to a private school for camp and they try and suck you into going to the school. I told her that there is no way we could afford it, esp. since I'm going to coll…

My Sewing Room

Just got done reorganizing my sewing room. I also wanted to show off a dress that I recently made.

Left side of the roomRight side of the room
And now for my dress

Long time no type

Well it has been a long time since I've posted here. I got sucked into the MySpace site for awhile. I'm back now! Lets see, what have we been up to this summer. We basically be hanging out at the pool. The weather is 90+ degrees here, so it is about the only thing that sounds appealing.
I have enrolled to go back to college in the fall. I'm very excited. I've been studying for my placement test. I finally figured out enough of the math that I think I'll do fine. 10 years ago I could do pre-cal without thinking twice, now I'm struggling with the basic concepts of Algebra. I've obviously finished my daughter's summer waredrobe, and it turned out great. I'm working on some clothes for myself, as well as drawing sketches for things I'm going to make the kids for the fall. If anyone is interested is having a sale and they have denim for $1.95/yard. That is a great deal because usually I can't find demin cheaper than $5/y…