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The Melt Down

Our first science experiment of the summer. Now I must say my kids are 6 and 7, so they are by no means 100% accurate. They are just for fun. My husband thought is was hilarious that I got the kids to watch ice melt, he thinks paint drying should be our next experiment.

Name: The Melt Down

Purpose: Try to keep ice from melting in the hot sun.

Paper towels
Ice Cubes
Baking soda Rubbing alcohol
different colored construction paper
cold water
3 cups
Sunny area
Shaded area
Rocks to hold things down
Masking tape
Ziploc bag
Lay out the paper towels, one in the shade and the rest in a row. Cut up the construction paper into small squares just bigger than the ice cube. Take the three cups and label them soda, water, and rubbing alcohol with the masking tape and pencil. Fill the cups with the appropriate liquid. Spread the construction paper over the paper towels. Put some baking soda in a Ziploc bag. Place rocks on anything that may b…

100 Things To Do

I know I've seriously neglected my blog lately. The last couple weeks before school got out was very stressful. I am back, and I have a list of 100 things to do during the summer. I made the list for my kids because my daughter is always bored. She doesn't know how to play by herself. So I told them if they can't find something to do on the list they have to clean their playroom if they bother me with being bored.
100 things to do

1. Blow bubbles
2. Draw with Sidewalk chalk
3. Make a comic book
4. Draw or color pictures
5. Make puppets and put together a puppet show
6. Feed the turtles - we have pond across the street
7. Play in sprinkler
8. Hula Hoop
9. Make a treasure hunt
10. Dance
11. Plan a picnic
12. Make a board game
13. Make ice cream
14. Watch a movie
15. Write in a journal
16. Get a pet rock
17. Go to the aquarium
18. Watch and listen to the birds
19. Write a letter to your grandparents
20. Make up a song and/or sing to some music
21. Play hide-n…


Yesterday, my husband went out and bought a pressure washer. It was his Father's Day gift, which was a little early. The thing is, the one he REALLY wanted was on sale for about $60 off. Besides he had to pick it up eventually because there is no way it would have fit in my car.

Anyways, as with all big items that come in a cardboard box, my kids begged for the box. As my husband assembled the pressure washer the kids used it as a boat. Then they both came running to me asking if I'd make it into a playhouse.

To turn a huge box into a playhouse all you need is to cut the corners off the top side two flaps. Cut the corners off the flaps by cutting a right triangle off the first corner. Use it as a template for the other three corners to have some consistency, don't worry it doesn't have to be perfect. Now, tape up the flaps so they look like a roof. I always like to leave a hole at the top so there is light and room for my kids to stand up. I use duct tape…