Ruined Rug

Every once in awhile even I screw up a craft project. This happened to me yesterday. I was a little stressed out, and I thought doing a fun craft I've been wanting to do for awhile would help. Since we moved here I've been wanting to paint my living room rug. I have canvas slip covers on my couch with painted leaves I stamped on. The carpet here is a very light color as well, so my cream rug looked silly. So I started, and all went well. I added the fabric paint and some water to dilute the color, and went at it. I let it set in the nice sunny day. I then went to rinse any color that didn't stick with the hose, and lets just say my rug is ruined for the moment. I forgot the most important thing you should do before dyeing anything, check the fiber content. Well it is no surprise NOW that 90% of the color ran off the rug, NOW that I know it was Olefin (a new high tech fabric used in rugs and outdoor patios design to be impervious to stains, mildew, and a bunch of other stuff). Luckily it should go back to its beautfiul cream self after a couple hours of sucking up the paint with a shop-vac.


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