Party Games

Well here are the games for the party:

We have a life size Mega Blocks castle, actually we have two of them. My kids love them, and it will be very handy for the party. As the guests arrive they will walk through the castle. Then we will take each guests picture with the birthday girl in front of the castle of choice, pink for the girls, gray for the boys. While they wait for the other guest's they will do a coloring page.

The first game I still haven't planned just yet, but I have a great one I've done before. I have all the guests sit in a circle. Then I read a princess story book, usually just very short and brief. Every guests gets a package, on has something special about it (one year I did Princess and the Pea and the special package had a pea). As I read the story every time I say the a specific word like PRINCESS, everyone rotates or switches packages with someone. At the end of the story whom ever has the special package wins a prize.

While we are doing the storybook game someone will be helping in another room. They will be printing out the pictures we just took. Then they will set up for the craft, which is decorate picture frames. I got some picture frames that have a sticky backing, so once they are done decorating they just peel and stick their picture to the printout.

From there we will go on a journey, which is basically a treasure hunt. Throughout the journey they will get things they need to become a princess or knight. The first station will have tiaras and knights helmets, the next has costume aprons, and the last has a shield and something else for the girls ??? They will then go on to finish their quest to find the family treasure, which is a big treasure chest full of their goodies bags.

We then go back inside for a tea party which will have cake and ice cream, possibly tea cakes, but we will see how much time I have.

That is my party. I will show more details as they come together.


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