Happy Mother's Day

I wanted to share the sweet things I got for Mother's Day.

Neil gave me some plants he grew in school. He kept them hidden in his backpack all weekend. Lexi gave me an address book she made in school and a bookmark. Then I got a plethora of cards and pictures.

Neil had a fill in the blank page he gave me, here are my favorites:

I love my mom because she helps me HAVE FUN
I love my mom when she makes me laugh by TICKLING MY SISTER
I love my mom because she finds time to PLAY WITH ME
I know my mom is smart because she LEARNS AFTER ME

Lexi wrote me this letter:

Dear Mom,
Thank you for loving me and vacuuming. I love you.
Love Alexis

As a note, I don't know why she put vacuuming, but she is know to come up with bizarre things.


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