Children's Mystery

There is a little boy who comes over for a play date every Tuesday. I usually come up with a fun activity to occupy the kids. This week I came up with a cute little mystery game. I took a bunch of bath toys and spread them across the yard. Then I printed up a clip art crab onto a sheet of labels. I would give them a clue and they'd have to find the next toy to get the next piece of the sticker. I gave them each a sheet with a grid for the labels and numbered both the labels and the grid to correspond. I kept the labels, although I did cut them out into individual stickers. I would then give the kids a sticker one at a time as they found the necessary toy. So here was my mystery, and you can change the story a little to go with toys you have:

Sally was going to the beach to collect sea shells for her sea shell stand. Everyone on the beach knows that Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore. Well Sally saw a couple of very pretty sea shells by the waters edge. Not wanting to get her new sandals wet, she took them off and put them next to the life guard stand. She wouldn't be gone very long, and they should be safe next to the life guards. Buy when she returned...they were gone.

Who took Sally's sandals?

The life guard said he thinks that a surfer might have taken them by mistake and put it near his beach towel. (I put a beach towel with sandals on it)

When Sally talked to the surfer he apologized for the mistake. His sandals were on his towel after all. He did say that he thinks a turtle might have taken off with them into the water dude.

Sally got to the turtle in the water and he confessed he took them on accident. They got tangled up on his tail. When he finally shook it off a fish took off with it.

After swimming around looking for the fish, Sally found the fish that might have her sandals. She asked the fish as nice as she could where her sandals were. The fish was a little helpful when she said she dropped them on a whale.

Sally spotted the whale quickly, because whales are hard to miss. She asked the whale if he had seen her sandals. He said some fishing boat pulled them up in thier nets.

The men on the fishing boat told Sally they tossed them aside on the beach when they hadd their BBQ. (This clue lead them to our grill)

At the BBQ was a big party. Sally was getting really frustrated and yelled "Where are my sandals!!!" One of the guys told a wild story about how some alligator took off with them into the water.

Sally found the alligator and took a deep breath. Now is not the time to lose your temper she thought. So Sally polietly asked the alligator if he knew where her sandals were. The alligator said that once he realized they weren't food he dropped them. He then added that he saw a dolphin playing with them later.

Sally tracked down the dolphin, and she was tired, dolphins are very playful and swim faster than Sally could. The dolphin told her that he lost the sandals in a game of Duck Duck Goose, with a duck of course.

The duck told Sally all about the game he played with the dolphin. He thought the dolphin was silly for thinking he could win a game of Duck, Duck, Goose with a duck. The duck later said that once he realized that the sandals won't fit his big feet, he dumped them in a bucket on the beach.

Once Sally got to the bucket she saw the bucket had been dumped. There were foot prints though, and they led Sally to the crab, who had her sandals.


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