Monday, May 08, 2006

Birthday Party Budget

Ok I have now gathered everything I need for my daughter's birthday party. Lets see how well I did on my $150 budget.

$10 for blue plates, napkins, plastic ware, and some streamer
$30 on fabric for a game
$60 in general party supplies, including the remaining games and party favors
$5 for cake supplies
$10 on ebay for left over party supplies from a Cinderella party, it was crayons and stamps which will be great for the craft and prizes for the game
$5 remaining craft supplies including blank cards on sale to make invitations
$10 at Walmart for misc. things such as spray paint

That gives me $20 to rent a table and chairs. I will go into more details on the party as I figure them out. Basically they will have a picture frame craft, a treasure hunt, another game of some sort, and a tea party. The kids take home a goodie bag/purse made from scrap fabrics.
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Alok said...

That is one helluva management!
How can u manage tat? that too in 150 bucks?
Wish happy birthday to ur daughter though!

curtis03 Lewis said...

Setting up party’s budget is not an easy task. Recently threw my niece’s a birthday party at one of affordable NYC venues. Earlier it was tough to arrange everything in budget but have learnt how to figure out everything now.