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Children's Mystery

There is a little boy who comes over for a play date every Tuesday. I usually come up with a fun activity to occupy the kids. This week I came up with a cute little mystery game. I took a bunch of bath toys and spread them across the yard. Then I printed up a clip art crab onto a sheet of labels. I would give them a clue and they'd have to find the next toy to get the next piece of the sticker. I gave them each a sheet with a grid for the labels and numbered both the labels and the grid to correspond. I kept the labels, although I did cut them out into individual stickers. I would then give the kids a sticker one at a time as they found the necessary toy. So here was my mystery, and you can change the story a little to go with toys you have:

Sally was going to the beach to collect sea shells for her sea shell stand. Everyone on the beach knows that Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore. Well Sally saw a couple of very pretty sea shells by the waters edge. Not wanting…


Finally things have settled down. Although it is just temporary because the kids get out of school in 2 weeks. The party went very well, and we did have some fun at the Strawberry Festival. They had these wonderful things called strawberry tacos. They were waffles cones shaped like hard taco shells, then they put strawberries on the bottom and whipped cream on top. They topped it off with jimmie sprinkles. Yummmmm!
The party went well. I did a really good job on the cake, and it was really easy to make. I used my kitchenaid mixer bowl as the cake pan to get the bell shape. Then I stuck the doll head on top, which I got at the craft store. Then I just made the dress out of various decorating tips and added some butterfly sprinkles.

The party itself was really good as well, but not many people came. We had a game where the kids had to find little glass slippers in a Rubbermaid tub of packing peanuts. Then they did a craft, which was make picture frames. We had some little t…

Crazy Week

This week is going to be very stressful. I have a list of 8 things going on, each is challenging on its own, but they all need to be done this week. Obviously there is the cleaning of the house for my daughter's party and the party itself. That isn't so bad, but my sister and mother are making a 10 hour road trip to come. They can't stand to be in the same room with each other for 5 mins, so imagine how cranky they will be after a day together. On top of that I volunteered to help out with Field Day at the kids school on Friday, which I am secretly hoping it rains. I still haven't gotten a gift for my daughter, and I really don't know what to get her. Then my husband has a friend who is moving cross country, and being a good friend my husband said he'd help him unload the U-haul. I have to make my daughter's cake, which involves figuring out what to make it as. To add to the stress, my son's teacher called and said she thinks he should be held b…

Brave Girl

There is a carnival in town this weekend. We went last night because it was fireworks night. Ever since she heard we were going to the carnival she wanted to know if it had a ferris wheel. She wanted nothing more than to ride the ferris wheel. Luckily for her not only did they have a ferris wheel, but she was 1/2 inch taller than she needed to be to ride it. Seeing that she is only 5, and my husband and I are both scared to death of heights, we weren't sure if her riding the ferris wheel was a great idea. Fortunately for me, my husband took her and she had a blast. My husband didn't care for it much, but he managed. I just found it humorous that out of the 4 of us, the youngest is the bravest. I am just worried when she hits the 48 inch mark and wants to ride the really crazy rides.


I just finished knitting a cute summer time top. I think it turned out really well, and I've had all sorts of nice comments on it all day. I included a picture of the pattern so you would know what it should look like.

Happy Mother's Day

I wanted to share the sweet things I got for Mother's Day.

Neil gave me some plants he grew in school. He kept them hidden in his backpack all weekend. Lexi gave me an address book she made in school and a bookmark. Then I got a plethora of cards and pictures.

Neil had a fill in the blank page he gave me, here are my favorites:

I love my mom because she helps me HAVE FUN
I love my mom when she makes me laugh by TICKLING MY SISTER
I love my mom because she finds time to PLAY WITH ME
I know my mom is smart because she LEARNS AFTER ME

Lexi wrote me this letter:

Dear Mom,
Thank you for loving me and vacuuming. I love you.
Love Alexis

As a note, I don't know why she put vacuuming, but she is know to come up with bizarre things.


My daughter and I made her invitations to her party yesterday. I think they turned out nicely. I like to stick with a very basic layout. She did all the stamping, which isn't perfect, but hey it was fun to work on a project together. Besides not many people are actually going to keep them. Remember, if they are going to throw it away in less than a week, then it isn't worth spending a lot of money on it.
I found a pack of cards on sale for $2, which had 25 cards and envelopes. The paper was 59 cents each, it took 5 pieces. The stamps I got in an ebay auction from somebody who had a Cinderella party and had leftovers. The left overs were all stamps, crayons, stickers, and other stationary type stuff. That will be perfect for our craft during the party.

Party Games

Well here are the games for the party:

We have a life size Mega Blocks castle, actually we have two of them. My kids love them, and it will be very handy for the party. As the guests arrive they will walk through the castle. Then we will take each guests picture with the birthday girl in front of the castle of choice, pink for the girls, gray for the boys. While they wait for the other guest's they will do a coloring page.

The first game I still haven't planned just yet, but I have a great one I've done before. I have all the guests sit in a circle. Then I read a princess story book, usually just very short and brief. Every guests gets a package, on has something special about it (one year I did Princess and the Pea and the special package had a pea). As I read the story every time I say the a specific word like PRINCESS, everyone rotates or switches packages with someone. At the end of the story whom ever has the special package wins a prize.

While we are doing …

Birthday Party Budget

Ok I have now gathered everything I need for my daughter's birthday party. Lets see how well I did on my $150 budget.

$10 for blue plates, napkins, plastic ware, and some streamer
$30 on fabric for a game
$60 in general party supplies, including the remaining games and party favors
$5 for cake supplies
$10 on ebay for left over party supplies from a Cinderella party, it was crayons and stamps which will be great for the craft and prizes for the game
$5 remaining craft supplies including blank cards on sale to make invitations
$10 at Walmart for misc. things such as spray paint

That gives me $20 to rent a table and chairs. I will go into more details on the party as I figure them out. Basically they will have a picture frame craft, a treasure hunt, another game of some sort, and a tea party. The kids take home a goodie bag/purse made from scrap fabrics.

Loose Tooth

My son finally has a loose tooth. He is in 2nd grade, and most of his friends have already lost some by now. I was a very late tooth loser lol. I lost my last baby tooth when I was in high school. My old friends still joke with me about that.

Ruined Rug

Every once in awhile even I screw up a craft project. This happened to me yesterday. I was a little stressed out, and I thought doing a fun craft I've been wanting to do for awhile would help. Since we moved here I've been wanting to paint my living room rug. I have canvas slip covers on my couch with painted leaves I stamped on. The carpet here is a very light color as well, so my cream rug looked silly. So I started, and all went well. I added the fabric paint and some water to dilute the color, and went at it. I let it set in the nice sunny day. I then went to rinse any color that didn't stick with the hose, and lets just say my rug is ruined for the moment. I forgot the most important thing you should do before dyeing anything, check the fiber content. Well it is no surprise NOW that 90% of the color ran off the rug, NOW that I know it was Olefin (a new high tech fabric used in rugs and outdoor patios design to be impervious to stains, mildew, and a bunch o…