My Daughter's Sandals

We were shopping at the mall looking for sandals for the kids. I buy the kids sandals every summer so their feet don't get hot and sweaty. We were in the shoe store and my daughter finds these sandals that are cute...but very unpractical. We tell her that those aren't a good idea, she won't be able to run in them. They have a strap across the front of the foot to hold them on with a big flower on top and they have a pump heel. She starts acting like a teenager (she is only 5) trying to convince us how these are the sandals that she needs. She then parades around in the with her arms going with her words saying how comfortable they are. There was two people next to us, on was a lady who worked there, and they were just laughing their heads off at her. "Like common, these are the coolest. They would so be perfect for the beach, ya know." We ended up getting them for her so that maybe she will listen to us next time. Only I know this will back fire because she will find a way to make it work just to prove her point.

As a side note my faux pizzas were great. My son was all excited I made homemade pizzas for lunch. After one bite his face was horrified. My daughter on the other hand realized it and didn't say a thing. There was white chocolate on it, so she was trying to eat it as fast as she could to get her sweets fix.


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