Homemade Clothes

I've been working on my daughter's summer wardrobe this week. I plan on starting mine next. It got me thinking about how it really costs the same to make our clothes as it does to buy them on sale at the mall. I do it because my daughter is tall and skinny, skinner than the slims I can buy. I can't ever find anything to fit myself right after having kids. So I was curious, what would your appeal to having custom clothes? The style? Or the fit?
Why would you want custom clothes?
Fit - I never can find clothes that fit right
Style - I'm tired of looking like everyone else

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Doll5272 said…
I thiak that is great you make your own wardrobe! I always wished I was handy with a sewing machine! Thus I am not! LOL Maybe one of these days~ Thanks for letting me visit stop by and see me sometime on my blog
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