Girl Scout Leader

Well I have added a new line in my job description this week. I am going to be a girl scout leader. I've been trying to get my daughter back into girl scouts since we moved here. I found out the problem is there isn't enough leaders. So unless someone steps up to the plate, then my daughter has no troop. So, I decided it would be a good idea to lead a troop. Now there are several problems I see with this one:
1. I was never a girl scouts, I was actually a tomboy growing up
2. I'm still not very girly
3. I really don't like the idea of doing the admin side of the troop
4. I'm going to be knee deep in cookies once a year
5. I have my hands full with my own daughter, why would I willingly add 9 more to the mix?

Despite all my cons, I really do think it will be a fun experience. I start my training Monday, so hopefully I'll have some of my issues resolved at that time.


Jenn said…
I always thought that girlscouts was lame when I was a kid and wished I could be in boyscouts because they did cooler stuff! Maybe you can make girlscouts cooler and more fun for your daughter.

Also, at DLTK site there are some neat scouting ideas (I use her free site for craft printables for the little ones but noticed the scouting section-it may have some ideas for you)
Anonymous said…
Girl Scouts definitely don't have to be "girly." Knot-tying, sleeping & cooking outdoors, whitewater rafting & rock climbing (when they're older) -- the badge book also shows a lot of the variety available now. Definitely do it, and do it old-fashioned old-school hardcore Girl Scouts. I would have loved a troop like that, and now that I'm older & working for GS, I see they do exist!

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