Bad Spring Break

My poor kids have had the worst spring break. I know we still have Friday and the weekend, but gosh it has been a horrible week. Monday my mom was visiting and all was good. Tuesday she had to fly home, so the kids were upset. My daughter also had a horrible fever of 103.8, so we spent most of the day at the doctor's office. The doctor didn't do anything except say if it gets worse come back. Wed. she woke up and couldn't hold anything down. So we spent all of Wed. at the doctor's office. She ended up being dehydrated. They tried to give her an IV 5 times and none of them took. They gave her a popsicle and some soda, why they couldn't have started with that I have no idea. Then the doctor said she had a bad infection so she needed two shots of an antibiotic on top of taking some at home. I had to go back today to do a check up on how the shots took. Thankfully she is feeling much better, but man I feel bad there spring break was miserable.


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