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Homemade Clothes

I've been working on my daughter's summer wardrobe this week. I plan on starting mine next. It got me thinking about how it really costs the same to make our clothes as it does to buy them on sale at the mall. I do it because my daughter is tall and skinny, skinner than the slims I can buy. I can't ever find anything to fit myself right after having kids. So I was curious, what would your appeal to having custom clothes? The style? Or the fit?
Why would you want custom clothes?Fit - I never can find clothes that fit rightStyle - I'm tired of looking like everyone else
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Summer Clothes

Every summer I make my daughter her summer clothes. I have started already with some capris, a dress, and a skirt. Here is some pics of what I made.

Fishing Craft

Yesterday my daughter had a play date. I made a craft up for both of them to do together.

dowel rod
magnet strip
paper clip
print out of a fish

Before you have the kids start the craft you need to set up the fishing poles. You take the dowel rod, tie a string at the top and tape around it so it doesn't slide. Next you put the magnet strip at the bottom of the string.

Have the kids color the fish print out. Depending on their age you can have them cut it out or cut out the fish yourself. Then you put the paper clip in or near the fishes mouth, you may want to put two paper clips on for smaller kids. Now the kids have fun fishing for their fish.

Girl Scout Leader

Well I have added a new line in my job description this week. I am going to be a girl scout leader. I've been trying to get my daughter back into girl scouts since we moved here. I found out the problem is there isn't enough leaders. So unless someone steps up to the plate, then my daughter has no troop. So, I decided it would be a good idea to lead a troop. Now there are several problems I see with this one:
1. I was never a girl scouts, I was actually a tomboy growing up
2. I'm still not very girly
3. I really don't like the idea of doing the admin side of the troop
4. I'm going to be knee deep in cookies once a year
5. I have my hands full with my own daughter, why would I willingly add 9 more to the mix?

Despite all my cons, I really do think it will be a fun experience. I start my training Monday, so hopefully I'll have some of my issues resolved at that time.

Saving on Party Supplies

While planning my daughter's birthday party I am constantly comparing prices. Some people spontaneously buy things a little here and some more there, but they don't realize how much they have actually spent. I have a budget of about $150 for the party, this includes cake, party supplies, games, prizes, and anything else for her birthday minus the gift. Now I could spend $120 and get all the prepackaged Disney Princess themed stuff in a box, $25 for a cake, and $5 for a tub of ice cream and I'd be set. However if you look at what is included you think to yourself..."What am I going to do with the kids for the next 2 hours?" So where do you decide where and how to spend your budget, well here is some tips to help you decide.

First and foremost remember you are spending your money on an experience, not just a party. Think of the things that will be looked back and remembered. Party favors is a big one for people. They want a cool party so they buy all the co…

Easter Eggs

We dyed Easter eggs last night. I found some neon food coloring at the grocery store. I liked it better because it came out the color I expected. Sadly I think the kids did a better job than we did.

Bad Spring Break

My poor kids have had the worst spring break. I know we still have Friday and the weekend, but gosh it has been a horrible week. Monday my mom was visiting and all was good. Tuesday she had to fly home, so the kids were upset. My daughter also had a horrible fever of 103.8, so we spent most of the day at the doctor's office. The doctor didn't do anything except say if it gets worse come back. Wed. she woke up and couldn't hold anything down. So we spent all of Wed. at the doctor's office. She ended up being dehydrated. They tried to give her an IV 5 times and none of them took. They gave her a popsicle and some soda, why they couldn't have started with that I have no idea. Then the doctor said she had a bad infection so she needed two shots of an antibiotic on top of taking some at home. I had to go back today to do a check up on how the shots took. Thankfully she is feeling much better, but man I feel bad there spring break was miserable.

Necklace and Earrings

I haven't posted awhile because my mom came to visit. She came to babysit so that my husband and I could go to a ball. I made myself some beautiful jewelry to go with my blue satin gown. I made these because I fell in love with the flower beads.

The kids love it when grandma comes. They love going out to the little pond by our house and having a picnic. Then they would feed the turtles in the pond. They were sad to see her leave this morning. She will be back at the end of next month for my daughter's birthday. She wants a Disney Princess Party. We came up with lots of ideas for that, so check back for party planning tips.

Pie Crust Tip

When rolling out your pie dough it is hard to say how big you need to make your circle. All you need to do is take a piece of parchment paper and trace your pie plate with a pen. Now make another circle around the pie plate but add an inch or two depending on how deep your plate is. Now turn it over, making sure the ink side is down, and begin to roll out your dough. The larger circle is the bottom and if you are adding a top use the inner circle afterwards. Using the parchment paper makes it easier to transfer the dough to the pie plate. You just put the paper and dough where you want it and peel off the paper. Easy as pie.

My Daughter's Sandals

We were shopping at the mall looking for sandals for the kids. I buy the kids sandals every summer so their feet don't get hot and sweaty. We were in the shoe store and my daughter finds these sandals that are cute...but very unpractical. We tell her that those aren't a good idea, she won't be able to run in them. They have a strap across the front of the foot to hold them on with a big flower on top and they have a pump heel. She starts acting like a teenager (she is only 5) trying to convince us how these are the sandals that she needs. She then parades around in the with her arms going with her words saying how comfortable they are. There was two people next to us, on was a lady who worked there, and they were just laughing their heads off at her. "Like common, these are the coolest. They would so be perfect for the beach, ya know." We ended up getting them for her so that maybe she will listen to us next time. Only I know this will back fire becaus…

Faux Pizza

For April Fool's Day I am making my kids a faux pizza for lunch. I got the idea from Family Fun's website. I added some extra details though. I painted the edges of the crust with some brown gel food coloring and applied it with a toothpick. Then after adding the melted white chocolate for the cheese, I grated some white chocolate and added it on top for texture. I then made some pepperoni out of Laffy Taffy, although I added some brown and red food coloring give it a better color.

I can't wait to see their reaction to it once they eat the "pizza".