Spring Bulbs

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Spring is always exciting for me. I love it when the bulbs start coming up and blooming. It is always a surprise what will come up, since I move so frequently I rarely see any of the bulbs I plant. I assume I'm alone on this, because most people plan their garden out, and I am merely at the mercy of the prior tenant. For those of you who can, try and plan your flower beds so they have flowers from spring to the end of summer. There is about 3 phases bulbs go through, Early Spring when your Daffodils and Crocuses come up. Mid Spring is best known for its Tulips, which is my favorite flower. Then Late Spring you get your Lilies and Dahlias. Although, I have been noticing some hybrid bulbs in the stores nowadays that sell late blooming varieties of bulbs. This would be nice, so I could have tulips around for awhile. Once all the bulbs have died your annuals will be blooming, which should bloom all summer.

This time of year reminds me of when we lived near Seattle. They had a big Tulip Festival. It was so amazing to see fields of tulips growing everywhere. My favorite part was the Tulip Flag. Yes those are actually tulips.

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