Quality Time With Kids

Since last weekend we spent a majority of our fun money budget on going to the circus, this weekend we are staying home. That doesn't mean that we can't have fun here. We played a family game of Hullaballo until we all got tired, it is an action game like Simon says. Then I taught the kids how to make bread from scratch. We mixed up the ingredients and then kneaded the dough. That was my kids favorite part I think. Then we let it rise, put it in the pan, let it rise again. Next the kids got to poke their fingers in the dough in order to make it a flat bread, and finally sprinkle sea salt on top.
It went well with our pasta dish for dinner that night. The leftovers were great for dipping in our cheese fondue for lunch today. I think later on we are going to take the kids to the park to get all their energy out. Maybe I can even talk my husband into putting together my new patio furniture.


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