Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Perfect Day

Today has been a near perfect day. Today is picture day at school, and my kids actually looked nice with little effort. I got my son's cow-licks in order, which is a miracle. I had a good workout, I didn't feel exhausted afterwards. I come home and find a package on my door step, which was some fabric I ordered. Later another box of fabric came in. My daughter had a nice play date after school. Then the mailman came with everything else in the world I've order in the last 2 weeks. Gosh I ordered a lot of things online. Well anyways the mailman brought some other great mail. Our insurance bill came (cars and rental), and it is $30 less a month but we get more coverage. My cable bill came, and it said I had a credit of $35. Who knew getting bills would be a good thing. My husband says he gets the day off tomorrow. I talked to a lady about getting my son in Cub Scouts, which meets on Friday evenings - which is great because there is no worry about homework then. I don't know how this day could get better.

Well aside from all my good fortune, I wanted to share a website I came across. It is called BebeReviews It is a great resource for mothers with babies and toddlers. It is a fairly new site, but it has great potential. They review everything from the latest baby products to places to take your little ones.
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