I Won!

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I was at Curves today doing my workout, and I won something. They have a game where you toss a quarter on the Twister mat and each circle has a "prize". It used to just be either a raffle ticket or $1 Curves Dollar (not sure what they are good for). Well this week they added something...A Small Curves Prize. My quarter landed on it, so I got a jar opener. Yeah Me!

See the thing is I always win, not to be vein, it is just true. When I called my mom today I started off by saying "Mom! You will never believe what happened today!". She responded with "What did you win?" She then proceeded to make fun of me for winning so much.
So then my husband gets home and I tell him. Not much better of a response. Unless it is big, then my winnings usually just get laughed off. I haven't won anything BIG for awhile. I'd have to say it was when I lived in Washington State. Friends of mine where going to play BINGO in the beginning of Nov. I was a little hesitant to go because we were saving money for Christmas. My husband insisted I go because I needed time with my friends, and he added "besides you'll probably win some money anyways." I laughed and told him that was impossible. I won the last time I went to play BINGO a few years ago, I can't possibly be lucky enough to win again. We made a bet, and well I ended up winning $300. That was a bet I didn't mind losing, but he made me change my screen name to ladyluck. I get the funniest responses when I give out my email address.


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