We went to the circus yesterday. The kids had such a great time. It was the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey "The Greatest Show on Earth". All week we told the kids that we were going to "The Greatest Show on Earth", but never told them what it was. It was so much fun getting them all excited about it. When we got to the Coluseum there was a booth selling programs, but the sells guy just called it the Greatest Show on Earth. It wasn't until my son read the program that they knew what we were going to do.

We got there an hour early for the pre-show, which was pretty neat. They had clowns performing in three different areas. They rotated the clowns so that the crowds were a little more contained. The show itself was really awesome. The kids were wide eyed the whole time. During intermission we got some cotton candy and snow cones, which of course made a huge mess. Fortunately for us they both came with wet wipes. It was cool though because they came with a suviuoir too, the cotton candy came in a tall felt hat and the snow cones where in clown mugs.

Now I must admit this was not the most frugal adventure, actually it was really expensive. However, it was a treat for the kids for putting up with this move. They were real troopers through the hole thing and they are really having trouble adjusting to a school with much higher standards than the one we left.


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