If you shop on Amazon often you know that if you spend $25 on "qualified purchases" you can get free shipping. Yesterday I was ordering the book Power Sewing, which is $22.02. Just short of the $25 to get free shipping. Now I admit, I'm a cheap person and my husband was laughing at my dilemma. So I was on a hunt to find ANYTHING on Amazon that was $2.98. Well after hunting on their site for at least a half hour I came across the Health & Personal Care section. There was a link for anything that qualified for free shipping, so I sorted it by price low to high. I found a spice, parsley flakes, for exactly $2.98. Ironically I did need them, so it all worked out. There was some other things there as well, but the parsley flakes just worked out for me. So for all those cheap and looking for free shipping here is a link to the Health & Personal Care section where you can find something to make up the $25 so you can get free shipping. It is like getting something free, as long as the item you get is cheaper than the shipping you'd have to pay if you didn't get it.


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