Well we found a place we liked. Now it is a matter of paperwork going through, and getting approved. I'm not so worried about the approval as I am about the time line. If we have the keys by Thursday morning, then we can avoid our things going into storage. Now my biggest concern is the budget. Every time we move there is always different expenses due to the area and cost of living. Some tips on how to make the budget work for you is by doing your research. The county or town you move to should be able to give you a rough est. on water, sewage, and trash. If you call the electric company they usually are able to give you an average bill price as well as the highest and lowest bill that particular house/apartment has had. Then you have to go into misc. bills that come with the place you have, homeowners dues, condo fees, apartment parking fees, all are just some of the ones I've run into. Even if you rent the owner may require you pay their yearly dues to the community. Now you have your other utilities like phone, cable, internet. There is a lot of different packages these companies have, so figure out what you need and don't let them talk you into anything you don't want. Unless you planned on getting all the services in the package you will pay more for it. Here is a quick budget sheet to help you:

Monthly salary: _______________

Housing Costs

Rent/Mortgage: _______________

Electric: _______________

Gas: _______________

Water: _______________

Trash: _______________

Sewer: _______________

Phone: _______________

Cable: _______________

Internet: _______________

Insurance: _______________

Storage: _______________

Misc. _______________

Total _______________


Personal Expenses

Car Payment: _________________

Insurance: _________________

Gas: _________________

Food: _________________

Monthly Debt: _________________




Misc. _________________

Total _____________________

This is just to get you started. All budgets are unique. The best way to figure out what you have paid in the past is to look through your checkbook. See what you've paid when. If you are moving like me, then make sure you know what bills your are going to be expected to pay before signing your lease or buying sheets. When you know what you have to pay, it never hurts to call the company and see what it might cost you.


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