I finished a scarf for my mom the other day. It is a long skinny white scarf with a belled edge. It is made out of baby yarn because she says that is very popular back home. I made her a really cool scarf once, cost her a pretty penny for the yarn. She had it in her coat and left it at a restaurant one night. Someone returned the coat, but kept the scarf. She is still upset about that scarf and has since been on a crazy hunt to find that yarn again. In the mean time this is a get by scarf, but still very lovely.

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I'm not sure how well you see the edge, but to get the bell effect you just cast on twice as many stitches as you need, knit for an inch or as long as desired. Then decrease by k2tog the whole way across. Then at the end increase ever stitch and then knit an inch or desired length.


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