Now that it is getting closer to our move date, it is time to worry about packing. Earlier I discussed things not to pack, now I'm going to help you pack so that you can find things once you get to your new home.

First you need to group common things you have throughout your house. Decorations, wall hangings, toys, curtains, paperwork, small electronics and other stuff you see around your house. Now stand back and look to see that only things left in each room would make since there. You may not remember having your linens in a chest in the kid's room.

Labeling the boxes are just as important. I'm very lucky because I have people pack for me. This is not a good thing when a lazy packer doesn't feel like labeling. One of the first moves I made, I had a mover label 12 boxes "Crafts". Now this was a big shocker to me, I know I have a lot of craft supplies but 12 boxes worth! WOW! After opening them I found only 4 had actual craft supplies, the others had anything from towels to kids toys. So for now on that is a something I supervise a little more heavily.

There is nothing like getting to your new place and realize, "Hey I forgot we had that extra sofa set". Things that blend in, or are not used often in your current house may be forgotten when you are house hunting for your move. I highly recommend taking pictures of each room in your house, even closets, to better help you plan the layout of your new place. This is also a great tool if you have insurance for your move. It is always nice to show them that your dining room table did not look that scratched up before the move.

This beings me to my next point, inventory. When you do have all the boxes packed and you are loading up the truck, make sure you write down how many boxes you have. It is even a good idea to number them. With a numbering system you can have a sheet of paper with a more detailed description of what is inside. This helps you find things a lot fast and make sure that nothing got lost in the move. Of course, this doesn't mean you can't say that huge ugly sweater Aunt Elma gave you for Christmas got lost.

Finally, make sure you write down all the information you can find on valuable things. Your computer for example, write down the brand, model number, serial number, and anything else you can find. This is a great way to verify to your insurance company that you really did have a nice computer, stereo system, flat screen TV, ect. It also helps file a report if it turns up missing in the move.


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