Well now that the holidays are over we are focusing on our move. Although our move date keeps changing, it seems that now we are moving the last week of Jan. We are moving to Virginia, hopefully the weather will be nicer there. We have lived in VA before, so we have some old friends there. We also have some friends moving to the area after we get there.
Luckily, we get movers provided for us to pack up our stuff and move it. The down side is we didn't get to make a trip to find a place to live since our move date kept getting pushed back. Over the years I've learned not to stress out over the moves, what happens will happen and in the end everything will work out.
I'm telling you all this, because this month's theme on my blog will be how to make a move go smoothly. I know most don't get professional movers to take care of everything for you, but I have lots of tips to help you along.


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