Here is my checklist of things to do before the movers come. Now I must remind you that we are fortunate to have the movers pack for us, so if you don't have that luxury then you will probably have a much longer list.

Inventory everything we own

Make sure important paperwork is in the fireproof safe

Organize my paperwork around my desk

Figure out what needs to go in storage containers

Buy storage containers to organize clutter

Get medical records

Notify the kids school we are moving

Get school records

Gather unmovable items and give them away

Get vehicles checked up for long drive

Register our camper at the DMV

Cancel cable company (and any other local utilities)

Wipe down outside stuff and check for spider webs

Buy cleaning supplies

Pack for move


Take down curtains and pictures and put it all in one pile

Throw out ANYTHING unnecessary

Go through books and get rid of those we don't need

Give things to Goodwill that we couldn't give away

Eat up all our food, and give what is left to family with the most kids

That should do it for me. I know my husband has his own list of things to do, mostly it is for work.


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