I just wanted to share a good deal that I got recently. I got some calendars from for only $8, the calendars were a dollar each and $5 for shipping. The catch is that you don't get to pick the calendars, it is random from the list they had. I'm pretty lucky usually, and this time was no exception. I received a Hobbit calendar which has pretty cool pictures on it that go with my dining room/office area. I got a Ziggy weekly planner calendar, which I actually needed. Then I got a poker daily calendar with a poker tip every day. This is the best of all of them because my husband loves poker, he just isn't very good at it. This makes him very popular with the guys who host poker nights lol.

Image hosted by is an unususal website because it only sells one thing at a time. Everyday they change the thing they sell. Usually they are a great deal, but not always so do your research before buying. They often sell out of the really cool things fast, they post the item of the day at midnight in the Central time zone. It is a fun site, but be careful not to get carried away.


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