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Fabric Store Sales

I went to the fabric store for the After Christmas Sale, boy did I do good. I got 13 fabrics, most cut at 2 yards (3 were cut at 3 yards), and it only cost me $58. I bought most of the fabric to make myself some shirts. I am very excited because I have a big project to continue working on. I had a couple of small projects here and there but nothing that couldn't be finished in a week.

First Impression

The day after Christmas my husband's cousin called inviting us to visit her Friday. I can't wait to meet her, but on the other hand natural I'm nervous. I've actually only talked to her once, on the phone, at 2:30 in the morning. No big emergency, that is just the time it was convenient for her to call. She lives in New York, and until recently lived in Manhattan. I haven't had much positive experience meeting my husband's family. I will spare you the details, but they have certainly made me nervous about meeting other new members of the family. Fortunately his family and I get along very well, now that they gotten to know me and I understand them.
While we are going to New York I'm going to visit my friend who lives there too, not to far from my husband's cousin. I have a couple of bowls and plates to give her for her daughter. They are all toddler sized, and her daughter just turned one.

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all. I am very blessed to have such a great family. My mom came to visit, which helped out a lot. My husband has been home for a couple weeks, and will be home probably for awhile after the holidays. My mom and I give him a hard time for being a bum, but only because he actually can't stand not to work. He is just using some of his vacation time right now.
I got a lot of great compliments on the things I made for gifts. A real treat this years was my husband joined me to pass out cookies to the neighbors. I love doing that, so it was nice he was there with me.
Enjoys the holidays everyone!


I made some stockings this year.

Pecan Bars and Rice Crispy Treats

I have been busy getting ready for my Christmas cookie baking. I've finally completed all the dough. I'll pull it all out of the deep freeze tomorrow and start baking. I got a head start today, I finished my Pecan Bars and Rice Crispy Treats. I tired something new with the Crispy Treats, I topped them with a peanut butter and chocolate topping. I liked it, but my husband wasn't to crazy about it. I'm not to worried though, I know lots of people who love chocolate peanut butter stuff.


I just finished a quilt I've been working on. It is a present for my father-in-law. He gave me a quilt top that his grandmother had done and asked me to finish it. That was about 2 years ago, so I just now got around to finishing it. I love working on old quilts. There is always so much history in them. He was telling me how he remembered some of the fabric in the quilt was a dress his grandmother used to wear.

It was a little challenging because part of the quilt was uneven, but I think I balanced it out pretty well. I am very pleased with how it turned out. Usually I'll sit and pick out all the problems with a finished project, but not this one. It turned out great!

Hat and Scraf

I finished the cream Alpaca hat and matching scarf.

Christmas Cookies List

I have a family tradition of making Christmas cookies for everyone I know. It is really nice to see the expressions on peoples faces when you hand them a box of cookies. Since I move so often and my family lives far away, I've been shipping cookies to various friends and family. This of course has made my once small list of select cookie receivers grow enormously. I have a list of 21 people to send cookies to this year. I like to make a different kind of cookie for each person receiving cookies, that way there is a great variety to give. I just finished making this years cookie list...

Chocolate Chip Cookies
White and Semi-sweet Chocolate Chip Cookies
Brownies with Peanut Butter Chips
Oatmeal Butterscotch Chip Cookies
Soft Sugar Cookies
Roll-out Sugar Cookies
Date Pinwheels
Peanut Butter Blossoms
Peanut Butter Cookies
Thumbprint Cookies
Kisses with M&Ms
M&M Cookies
Rice Crispy Treats
Chocolate Crinkle…

Snow Day Humor

It is the first snow day of the year. So my daughter comes out this morning sees that it has snowed and goes back in her room. She comes out of her room giggling, I then see why. She is dressed in a sun visor, flip flops, sun glasses, and a dangling beaded necklace.

Later this afternoon, after the horrible winds calmed down, my kids got dressed to go out in the snow. My daughter anxiously bundled up in several layers. My son did also, but he had a different way of layering. He had his sweats on, then his t-shirt and shorts, and he was putting on a tank top. I wonder if I would have given him another minute if he'd have underwear on top of that. He finally figured it all out, and they had a fun time trying to build a snowman.


My nephew is remarkably 2 months old now! He was born very premature, at only 25 weeks gestation. He has just gotten to 3 pounds, which is suppose to be a huge milestone. I have been making him some sweaters and I am esp. proud of the one I made him today.

To give you an idea of how small Joseph is I found a glue bottle that is 7.625oz. (the big size) and it fits on perfectly

Under the weather

Oh the weather has been snowy the week. I've come down with a cold that is making Christmas preparations difficult. I've been working on making candy cane ornaments for the retirement home my son went caroling at last night. That went really well, everyone was very appreciatively. I started making a cream alpaca hat for a Christmas gift. I have already made a scarf to go with it. I have complete finished my Christmas shopping, now I just need to finish the projects I want to give as gifts.

Sore throat tip: When you get a sore throat drip hot lemonade with a spoonful of honey.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

I made some ornaments for the latest Craft Challenge on the message board. Here are my entry for the challenge:

The challenge was to take $10 at a hardware store and make something crafty. They have a different challenge every month. I have a lot of fun doing them. I never win, but its fun to see what others come up with. This is what I bought with my $10 at the hardware store:

It was pretty simple to do, I just cut out the tree from a sheet of aluminum and then filed the edges. I hammered a nail to give it some decorations and to put the holder on top. The reason for the red thing is so that the aluminum doesn't cut through the string. I also decorated it with some puff paint to give it a finishing touch.

JC Penney Discount

I have a discount code for JC Penney that is good for today only. You can receive an extra 20% off your order by using NEIGHBOR in the promotional code spot.


My daughter made this adorable snowman in art class. It's just made out of Model Magic clay that air dries. There is a sprinkle of white glitter to give it a cute shine like snow. It is sitting on a piece of styrofoam.

Alpaca Knit Hat Pattern

I love alpaca, and I found some beautiful yarn in my favorite color blue. I made the hat to wear when I have my hair down. Since alpaca is such a light yarn it doesn't mess my hair up, but still keeps me warm.

I used size 8 needles and my gauge is 1 inch is 6 1/2 sts and 5 rows.

Cast on 100 stitches to either a pair of circular needles or double pointed, your choose.
K2, P2 rib for 1 1/2 inches
K1, *P2, K2* Repeat for one row
Stockette stitch for 5 1/2 inches for a total of 7 inches long.
Start decreasing
*K5, K2tog* Repeat
Knit 2 rows even
*K4, K2tog* Repeat
Knit 2 rows even
*K3, K2tog* Repeat
Knit 1 row even
*K2, K2tog* Repeat
Knit 1 row even
*K1, K2tog* Repeat
Knit 1 row even
K2tog every stitch finish off by pulling the left over strand of yarn through the remaining stitches so it creates a circle. Pull tight and weave in your ends.