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As you've been reading it is birthday party day today. That got me thinking of all the birthday parties I have thrown for my kids. I always have great parties, but as my mom says "They are all just the same party, you just move so much they are new to this group of people". Of course I know she is right, I'll just never admit that to her lol. Anyways, over the years I've done almost every Pin the Tail game I could think of. So I thought it might be nice to make up some unusual ones for people to print out. I've drawn these all on my own and I don't mind you using them, just don't try making a buck off of them.
Right click and save the images on your computer.

I use double sided tape on the "tails" but any adhesive would work, and the nice things about these is you can write the kids name on the "tail" so nobody has to remember numbers.

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Castle Doors

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Pig Snouts

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Space Ship
Space Ship Cones


We are party Inc. at my house.

My kids are famous for staging fun but frugal parties.

We have old-school fun. Races, penny hunts and low-tech games.

Other families have started to emulate our parties.

How did your party go?
I love great crafts and DIY projects.
I will check in with you.

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