Daily Log 11/17/05

Today was pretty uneventful. After I walked the kids to school I got home and started a new knitting project. I'm making a hat for my daughter, although I'm worried I might not have enough yarn. In which case it will end up being a head band/ear warmer, we'll see what it wants to be when I'm done.

I went to pick up my daughter (she is in half day Kindergarten) we had lunch and I got the mail. We usually just have sandwich for lunch, so it wasn't anything difficult. My daughter seems to need attention every waking minute the past couple of days, so I didn't get many chores done. I'll work on the dishes after the kids are in bed.

We went to Toys R Us today to get the kids some presents for their friends' birthday parties. My son is going to his first sleep over, he is such a big boy now. My daughter has a dinner party to go to, which ought to be interesting to say the least. They both picked out some nice toys for their friends. I am sure the parties will be lots of fun for them.

When my husband came home from work we discussed going home for Thanksgiving. Then we talked about our move in January. I think we worked out some major kinks in both trips, but there is still a lot that worries me about them. I have found out though that worrying does nothing and things will work themselves out on their own.

To conclude I'll share with you my recipe for tonight's dinner. It has no name as of yet, but it was pretty good.
I put some boneless skinless chicken tenders (breast would work fine too) in a baking dish. I cut up mushrooms and put them on top, I like a lot of mushrooms so there was a lot. Then I drizzled Alfredo sauce on top, just enough to lightly cover the mushrooms. I sprinkled some tarragon on top followed by a light coating of bread crumbs. Then I baked it at 350 for an hour. Before it was done I threw some dinner rolls in the oven. I buy the pre-made heat and serve kind. I got them on sale for a dollar (for 12 rolls) and I make them 4 at a time, so it will last 4 nights. A quarter a night for dinner rolls sounds pretty good to me!


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