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Candy Cane Ornaments

Yesterday I was driving all around town looking for plastic tri-beads. My husband has volunteered us to organize a visit to the local nursing home with my son's boy scout troop. I needed to make up craft kits so that the boys can make them ahead of time to pass out to the residents. I was told specifically to make the tri-bead candy cane ornaments. I finally found some at Michaels, so now I just need to divide all the supplies to make 50 craft kits with them. I got the instructions from Kids Domain website. I love that site, it has all sorts of useful crafts to do with kids.

Kids Domain Crafts - Tri-Bead Candy Cane Ornament


Our trip went alright. The drive was horrible, we had problems in PA both on ways. On the way there it was snow, on the way back it was a closed freeway and traffic. It was good to see family though.
Now for all of you with leftovers still, here are some creative ways to use up the food.

Turkey and Noodles
Just take some noodles and add chunks of turkey. For the sauce you can use leftover gravy, you can thicken it a little by adding some flour and heating it up in a pan. It will get thick and bubble some.

Turkey Tacos
Same as regular tacos, only use a white cheese instead of chedder. I always like white cheese with white meat, but that might just be me.

Turkey Pizza
Roll out a pizza dough (hand made or store bought whichever). Then use ranch dressing for your sauce. Add the turkey, white cheese, and onions taste pretty good on it too.

Baked Sandwich
Take a small square baking dish. Spray with nonstick spray. Put down enough bread to cover the bottom, then add turkey/ham/…

Over the River and Thru the Woods

We are off on our 12 hour road trip now. I won't be back until Monday. I'm hoping not to run into traffic going through New York, and praying there is no snow in Pennsylvania. I will not be one of the thousands of insane shoppers the day after Thanksgiving, although I may do some online shopping. Although there is really no need, I have everyone but my husband taken care of. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Activity Notebook

This is another trick I have up my sleeves for the road trip. It is a 3-ring notebook that I've enchanced. First I have glued felt on the inside front cover. On the back inside cover I glued a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock that I first painted with magnetic paint found at most craft stores. Then I painted it with spray paint chalk.

I put some paper in the notebook for drawing, and also a pencil pocket to hold all the supplies such as chalk, crayons, felt, magnets, and eraser for the chalk board.

A fun thing you can do to personalize it is to print up some cool sayings or pictures and stick it to a magnet sheet. This way you can have your own words, pictures, or whatever you want. It is a great way to make it a little more educational.

To help secure the felt I put a border of clear packing tape around it. I also added a foam border, that I glued on, to the magnetic chalk board to avoid the paper from getting torn. I'm working on a better system for this project, but…

Squash Casserole

With Thanksgiving coming, I always look forward to my favorite dish Squash Casserole. I prefer summer squash, but I have made it with butternut squash with great success also. It all depends on what is avaliable in your area when you make it.

Squash Casserole

2 medium summer squash or a large butternut squash - cut in small pieces
1 small onion - diced
2 ribs celery - cut in small pieces
1 cup diced carrots

Cook above vegetables for 6 mins. or until tender.

In large bowl mix:
1 can Cream of Chicken Soup
1 cup Sour Cream
Blend well. Add cooked vegetables. Stir to blend.

In a 9 x 13 glass dish, put 1/2 package stuffing/dressing mix. Sprinkled over bottom. Spoon squash mixture over dressing. Add remaining dressing.
Pour 1 stick melted butter over top.
Bake 30 minutes at 350 degrees

Road Trip Tips

As you can see I decided not to do Daily Logs because I realized my life isn't that interesting. You can pretty much figure out what I'm up to by my regular posts.
Like many of you, we are going out of town for Thanksgiving weekend. We are going back home to Ohio, which is a 12 hour drive away. We will be leaving Wednesday hopefully around noon. Many think I'm crazy for going so far for a 4 day weekend, but it isn't so bad when my kids love road trips. It is all a matter of keeping them occupied and letting the stretch out some.
The most important thing we have for our kids is one of those back seat organizers, only ours has a tray like you see on an airplane. Today I'm going to explain what all we keep in these that really make things run smoothly.

First and foremost we have toys, this is my son's so he has picked out some action figures and a race car. Next we have snacks and drink, I recommend finding a snack in your child's favorite character. …

Party Games

As you've been reading it is birthday party day today. That got me thinking of all the birthday parties I have thrown for my kids. I always have great parties, but as my mom says "They are all just the same party, you just move so much they are new to this group of people". Of course I know she is right, I'll just never admit that to her lol. Anyways, over the years I've done almost every Pin the Tail game I could think of. So I thought it might be nice to make up some unusual ones for people to print out. I've drawn these all on my own and I don't mind you using them, just don't try making a buck off of them.
Right click and save the images on your computer.

I use double sided tape on the "tails" but any adhesive would work, and the nice things about these is you can write the kids name on the "tail" so nobody has to remember numbers.


Castle Doors

Pig Snouts

Space Ship
Space Ship Cones

Pics of Gift Bag

Here are some pics of the bag I described earlier:

In Progress

Finished Bag

Fleece Gift Bag

Since my daughter is going to her best friend's birthday party tomorrow I thought it would be nice to make a little fleece gift bag to go with the presents. It was really simple to make, so I thought I'd write out the details. I'll post some pics of the finished product later.

This is an easy project that takes less than an hour to complete, and is great for kids to help out at the end.

Take a rectangle of fleece, for mine I used 17x35 inches, but you can use whatever size suits your needs. Leaving 3 inches from the top and bottom cut a 4 inch slit ever inch (see diagram one).

Now you are going to cut off the 3 inches from the top and bottom. These are going to be your straps. There are two straps for this bag, so fold each 3 inch strip in half and sew close to the edge. Now just turn them inside out and you have two straps that we will sew on later.

Next you are going to take the big fringy rectangle we made and cut the 4 inch fringe on both side to the top and bot…

Daily Log 11/17/05

Today was pretty uneventful. After I walked the kids to school I got home and started a new knitting project. I'm making a hat for my daughter, although I'm worried I might not have enough yarn. In which case it will end up being a head band/ear warmer, we'll see what it wants to be when I'm done.

I went to pick up my daughter (she is in half day Kindergarten) we had lunch and I got the mail. We usually just have sandwich for lunch, so it wasn't anything difficult. My daughter seems to need attention every waking minute the past couple of days, so I didn't get many chores done. I'll work on the dishes after the kids are in bed.

We went to Toys R Us today to get the kids some presents for their friends' birthday parties. My son is going to his first sleep over, he is such a big boy now. My daughter has a dinner party to go to, which ought to be interesting to say the least. They both picked out some nice toys for their friends. I am sure the parties will…


I'm starting a blog here about being a homemaker. Contrary to popular belief it really is a job, just not one that you get paid for. A lot of my friends think I'm everything from Mrs. Crafty to Betty Crocker, so I thought I'd start a blog on my daily life and tips on how to do some crafts and maybe some cool recipes. I hope you all enjoy it, but I must warn you English is not my subject of choice so please mind grammar.